Mr. Jay Lebrun, Superintendent
49 Broad St., Plattsburgh, NY 12901

Plattsburgh City School District Policies

Students - 5000 Series

Policy Name Number
Student a with Disabilities Pursuant Section 504 5020.3
Prayer in Schools 5040
Student Attendance 5100
Residency Determinations 5150.1
Residency Determinations Regulation 5150.1-R
Residency Determinations Exhibits 5150.1-E.1-3
Admission of Nonresident Students 5152
Student Dismissal Precautions 5162
Student Dismissal Precautions Regulation 5162-R
Student Organizations 5210
School-Sponsored Student Publications and Productions 5220
Student Fund-Raising Activities 5251
Student Activities Funds Management 5252
Interscholastic Athletics 5280
Concussion Management 5280.1
Selective Classification Program Exhibits 5280-E.1-2
Code of Conduct & Parent Consent Form 5300
Nutrition and Physical Activity 5405
Student Health Services 5420
Student Health Services Regulation 5420-R
Notification of Sex Offenders 5450.1
Child Abuse in a Domestic Setting 5460
Child Abuse in a Domestic Setting Regulation 5460-R
Student Records 5500
Student Records Regulation 5500-R
Student Privacy 5550
Student Privacy Exhibit 5550-E
Parents' Bill of Rights for Data Privacy and Security 5560
Parents' Bill of Rights for Data Privacy and Security Exhibit 5560-E
Violent or Disruptive Incident Reporting 5710