Mr. Jay Lebrun, Superintendent
49 Broad St., Plattsburgh, NY 12901

Plattsburgh City School District Policies

Instruction - 4000 Series

Policy Name Number
Student Learning Objectives and District Instructional Goals 4000
Equivalence In Instructional Staff and Materials 4010
Curriculum Management 4200
Civic Education 4311
Display of the Flag 4311.1
Display of the Flag Regulation 4311.1-R
Programs For Students With Disabilities Under IDEA and New York’s Education Law Article 89 4321
Provision Of Special Education Services In The Least Restrictive Environment 4321.1
School-Wide Pre-Referral Approaches and Interventions 4321.2
Allocation Of Space For Special Education Programs 4321.3
Independent Educational Evaluation 4321.4
Independent Educational Evaluation Regulation 4321.4-R
Plattsburgh City School District Approved Outside
Evaluators Exhibit
Confidentiality and Access To Individualized Education Programs, Individualized Education Services Programs and Service Plans 4321.5
Availability of Alternative Format Instructional Materials For Students With Disabilities 4321.6
Districtwide and Statewide Assessments of Students With Disabilities 4321.7
Selection and Appointment of an Impartial Hearing Officer 4321.8
Declassification of Students With Disabilities 4321.9
Programs and Services For Parentally-Placed Nonpublic School Students With Disabilities 4321.10
Public Report on Revisions To District Policies, Practices And Procedures Upon A Finding of Significant Disproporationality 4321.11
Use Of Time Out Rooms and Physical Restraints 4321.12
Preschool Special Education 4321.13
Preschool Special Education Regulation 4321.13R
Special Education Personnel 4321.14
Procedures For Outside Use Of Educational Materials and Assistive Technology 4321.15

Special Education Assistive Technology Procedures for Borrowing Resource


Medicaid Compliance Program Policy

Medicaid Compliance Program Regulation 4321.16R
Programs for the Gifted and Talented 4322
Limited English Proficiency Instruction 4326
Limited English Proficiency Instruction Regulation 4326-R
Limited English Proficiency Instruction Exhibits 4326-E.1-2
Homebound Instruction 4327
Textbook Selection and Adoption 4511
Textbook Selection and Adoption Regulation 4511-R
Textbook Selection and Adoption Exhibit 4511-E
Library Materials Selection 4513
Technology Responsible Use Policy For Plattsburgh City School District Network Account Holders 4525
Computer Acceptable Use 4526
Computer/Internet Acceptable Use Exhibit 4526-E
Website and Web Pages 4526.1
Internet Safety 4526.2
Field Trips and Excursions 4531
School Volunteers 4532
School Volunteer Application Form 4532-E
Honor Rolls 4740
Class Rank 4741
Promotion and Retention of Students 4750
Early Graduation 4771
Early Graduation Regulation 4771-R
IEP Diploma Procedures 4773
IEP Diploma Procedures - Regulation 4773-R
Teaching About Controversial Issues 4810